Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Featured 60s Murder Mystery Parties

Murder in the Swinging Sixties

60s shindig
60s shindig - fab customer photos

These fab, groovy Featured Murder Mystery Parties all relate to our Murder in the Swinging Sixties party.

For your chance to be featured (and to win two free parties!), please email us at  Don’t forget to include lots of groovy photos and to say how your party went, what you as the host did, any tips to help other hosts etc.

  • Group photo for Ashley's Swinging Sixties murder msytery game

    Ashley’s fab Swinging Sixties birthday weekend for 11 ladies; groovy costumes (including fake mustaches) and fab table decorations.

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  • Kelsi's Swinging Sixties murder mystery party

    Kelsi’s fab Swinging Sixties party was held on the beach for her husband’s 30th birthday; 14 players “had a ball”.

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  • Swinging 60s dinner party - Bonnie

    Bonnie’s Swinging Sixties dinner party for 6 players with fab food and groovy costumes.

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  • Fab 60s' costumes

    Emma’s fab Swinging Sixties Birthday Zoom party; guests’ ages ranged from 21 – 72. “A great way to spend a lockdown birthday!”

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  • Swinging Sixties party: Annie

    Chelsea’s surprise Zoom birthday Swinging Sixties party for her mother-in-law and brother-in-law; 6-8 players.

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  • 60s' fun

    Carolyn’s fab, groovy Swinging Sixties birthday murder mystery party played across Zoom with family, young and old.

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  • Millie’s 1960s’ virtual murder mystery party – 8-10 player version. A “fantastic evening with friends over Zoom”.

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  • Fab costumes

    Grace’s virtual 60s’ mystery featured a virtual chat, Initial “Mingling” over Zoom and then the main party.

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  • Zoom party

    24th virtual birthday Swinging Sixties party from Chile – Paula sent different decorations from our Party Pack to build excitement!

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  • Swinging Sixties image gallery

    Kayleigh’s 12 player Zoom 60s murder mystery; packs sent via WhatsApp, played via Zoom. “So easy to follow”.

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