Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Featured 1920s' Murder Mystery Parties

Murder in a 1920s' Speakeasy

Our featured Murder in a 1920s Speakeasy parties
Our featured Murder in a 1920s' Speakeasy mystery parties

These swell Featured Murder Mystery Parties all relate to our Murder in a 1920s’ Speakeasy party. We think you’ll agree, they’re the bee’s knees. The cat’s pyjamas! The cat’s miaow even!

For your chance to be featured (and to win two free parties!), please email us at  Don’t forget to include lots of dope photos and to say how your party went, what you as the host did, any tips to help other hosts etc.

  • Limo to speakeasy

    Theresa’s swell 1920s birthday featured a mystery game over dinner followed by a limo to a Speakeasy lounge in Tampa

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  • Cast photo for a charity murder mystery fundraising diner show

    Panola Playhouse used this murder mystery game as a fundraising dinner for important theatre renovations.

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  • Twenties party - Carolyn

    Carolyn’s birthday Speakeasy party with simple decorations and swell costumes. “Absolutely spiffing fun.”

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  • 1920s' Speakeasy dinner party

    Bonnie’s 1920s’ Speakeasy dinner party for 6 players – swell decor, a menu to die for and costumes that are the bee’s knees.

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  • Roaring 20s Zoom party

    Rebecca’s 50th birthday in Lockdown – a swell 1920’s virtual murder mystery with superb costumes and decor.

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  • Roaring twenties virtual party

    Andy’s 8-10 player 1920s Speakeasy party is swell; we love the short audio provided. “Absolutely brilliant evening!”

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