Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Megan's Is Santa Slayed Party

Virtual Zoom Party

Is Santa Slayed? - a Zoom murder mystery party
Christmas North Pole Murder Mystery Via Zoom

Gallery for Santa & Christmas Parties; Decor Ideas

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Thank you for this game; we had such a great time playing it.

Every year we have a themed Christmas party and we all get together but this year was obviously a different situation and we were pretty bummed that we weren't able to get together. This ended up being the perfect compromise and we had a blast. 

I actually printed all the invites, booklets, and clues for everyone and mailed it to them in packages from "The North Pole". Everyone was so excited to get their package in the mail.

Almost everyone dressed up which made it extra fun, I am the girl deer next to Scrooge. We are big into costume parties so most of us had a lot of the supplies already. I made my antlers from pipe cleaners, masking tape, hot glue and felt which I got from the dollar store. The faux fur I borrowed from my grandmother. Bear made his ears from cotton balls and went for a nightclub bouncer look which worked perfectly. Others had costume already like our Elfie, and some of us were able to pair regular clothes to fit the character like our Mrs Claus.

Decor was easy for the Christmas theme as most of us have Christmas decorations up already but because we were on Zoom some of us were able to use digital backgrounds for decoration as well.

All in all we had such a fun time and were very grateful to have a way in which we're all able to still get together and celebrate the holidays together.

Christmas North Pole Murder Mystery Via Zoom

We LOVE Deerie Deer's antlers and facepaint! And Grouchy Scrooge is superb!

Deerie Deer and Scrooge


Rights for Reindeer!

Rights for Reindeer!

Another great reindeer costume - Chaser this time.

Chaser the reindeer


Who would argue with Bear's Claws for Claus North Pole Security? And Jinxy's mix of a jester outfit and a Christmas one is great!

Bear and Jinxy


And finally - but by no means least! - Elfie is the perfect elderly elf who has been running the North Pole Toy Workshop for over 300 years, thanking you kindly!


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