Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Kim's 70s Disco Party

Groovy Dinner Party

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Group photo

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We had a groovy time "Staying Alive". We played this as one of our regular monthly nights in with our "gang of 8". I was apprehensive to start with as none of us had done a murdering night before and I wasn't sure how much I as host would have to do, but the game was easy to print.

An outta sight night of fun, jive’n with the gang of 8. The disco ball was spinning and laughter was rolling. Dig this, it took a couple rounds until we got in the groove but all was funky after that.


You should be dancing, yeah! Far out, man. What a fab night. 
The cool cats and foxy mamas were getting funky with the fun.
For a groovy time, get up and boogie. 
Dig it, man? Far out.

Group Photo: groovy styles. A few well-chosen accessories can add a 70s vibe to the evening without spending a fortune on costumes.

Group photo

Cool cats: we love the tie-dye shirt and matching headband, also the cool shades and music-themed t-shirts.

Cool guys

Groovy 70s babes: we LOVE the shimmery gold trousers, patterned top and blond period wig. (Poppy: far right.) And the groovy rose glasses and shimmer top. (Rory, centre right). And the matching headscarf and t-shirt. (Storm, centre left.)  And the "grieving" widow, Bella, is appropriately dressed in black with a sequinned top and a simple headband adding a Seventies look. (Bella: left.)

70s babes

70s ladies - is Bella REALLY so upset?

70s babes

Greg and Poppy:

Greg and Poppy

Storm and Don the Dude. Peace, man:

Peace man - Storm

Bella - the "grieving" widow with Jude:


Zing and Rory:

Zing and Rory


"It's a hoot. Try something different.

One tip: for eight people, buy the 8-10 player game. We bought the 6-8 player game as there were initially only going to be 6 of us but the two optional characters (Rory and Zing) would have liked a larger role."

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