Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Bonnie's Swinging Sixties Dinner Party

60s' Murder Mystery

Swinging 60s dinner party - Bonnie
Bonnie's 60s' dinner party mystery

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We had our murder mystery dinner Saturday 2/19/2022.  Oh we had a lot of fun! And how excited everyone was we were having another murder mystery!  

Bonnie, Ray and friends

We had the Swinging Sixties. Everyone dressed (mostly) as their characters.  I used some of the added decorations that were provided with the game kit.  I did use some record labels that I put on actual records. We used the invitations, the menu stock photo. And some printed free pictures. I took a couple of records and spray painted them gold. For our swag gifts, we found some vintage troll dolls. And I found some handkerchiefs that were tie-dye patterns to also give as gifts.

We played 60s music on a record player. Oh and I found a poster from the 60s that we hung on the front door. 

It was all a lot of fun to decorate and cook. We had bread and cheese fondue, Tango for drinks, steak Diane and roasted vegetables. And for dessert we had cherries Jubilee with homemade ice cream and a shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate and almonds.


Bonnie preparing food, Menu

Our friend Richard who played Pat has parents who are from England and so somehow when he read the play he knew by the wording it was English written. So he prepared accordingly, lol. (Pat is from the East End of London.)

We all followed along much better this time around than the first time. Thank you for the wonderful time! They are already looking forward to the next time we have a murder mystery! Thank you again.

Groovy ladies - we love the 60s costumes. From the left: Sister Starlight, Polly Rottingham and Annie Phoenix:

Polly, Annie, Sister Starlight

Hip men. From the left: Drake Wilde - rock singer who is too outta-sight for his own good; Payton Morals, a fearsome upholder of moral virtue and Pat Psychelo - the toy gun belies the peace sign!

Drake, Payton, Pat

A few of Bonnie's fab 60s Decorations. She spray-painted two records, found some tie-dye napkins and added some of our free artwork for a groovy look:

Bonnie's fab 60s decorations

Cheese fondue (the starter) was served in Bonnie's beautiful lounge where the main murder mystery was played:

Cheese fondue

The main course and dessert was served in her dining room with records as table mats. The dessert looks to die for!

Main course and dessert

Dinner table

And the Best Actor Award:

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