Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

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To celebrate my birthday, I played two mysteries by Maple Mystery Games with two different halves of my family. Last week was the Naughty Nineties; this week, the Swinging Sixties.

A totally fabulous Swinging Sixties Murder Mystery! Twelve of us played virtually and everyone said what a fantastic time they’d had. 

We can’t wait to play another one! 

Loved all the extra details, like the map, and was really chuffed that I was able to work out who the murderer was.   I think you got the balance of red herrings and real clues spot on (unlike every other murder mysteries I’ve taken part in when I’ve always felt cheated at the end).


Chastity Morals - we love the groovy tie dye!



Drake Wilde - rock star of the 60s!

Drake Wilde - rock star


Annie Phoenix - hip, fab miniskirt designer

Annie Phoenix, miniskirt designer


The very fearsome Pat Psychello and Pat Junior - they're wanted for murders in The East End, man!!

Pat Psychello and Pat Junior


Merlyn Mercier, aristocratic Baron de Montversigny in Southern France, otherwise known as Pearl's Turretsfest Assistant - Oh là là, Pearl was ma chère amie!

Merlyn Mercier


Starlight and Moonlight - two fab hippies; we love the face-painting, the headband, the peace signs!

Starlight and Moonlight


Payton Morals and Major Morals - the Nation’s Avowed Guardians of Morality and Decorum! Dare anyone argue with them?

Payton Morals and Major Morals


Polly and Raymond Rottingham - Pearl's - loving? - godparents.

Polly and Raymond Rottingham


Thanks again for a fab night playing the Sixties' murder mystery.

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