Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Grace's Swinging Sixties Party

Virtual Zoom mystery

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We had so much fun preparing our characters and the game. We were in three different households and each decorated our pads accordingly - LPs, musical festival posters, 'groovy' signs, etc.

I asked each person to send a snapshot of themselves first to introduce us all over chat, then we did the mingling by separately video calling each other before starting the Zoom call.

My mum went all out with a hedgehog of cocktail sticks - cheese and pickles - while my sister and her boyfriend made fruit punch and jelly.

Cocktail cheese sticks

My dad adored the role of Drake, he strummed a 'musical' number for his Pearly Pearl.

Drake Wilde - rock star extraordinaire!


My mum found a vintage dress from the 60s which completed her fashion designer outfit perfectly.

Annie Phoenix - Grace's party


My brother-in-law decided to be a Mrs Payton Morals and was a hilariously aggrieved neighbour.

Payton Morals


My sister performed her 'Daddy's girl' 60s' chic role beautifully.

Polly Rottingham - Daddy's little girl


Our Pat Psychello had paint splotches all over him and played up the aggression.

Pat Psychello


I tried to convert all to my hippie commune where we could all be at one with the universe.

Sister Starlight

I have already recommended this to a few friends, it's such a great way to do something different when we can't all see each other in person. We really loved it. 

60s' food

Thanks for the fun!

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