Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Kayleigh's Swinging Sixties Party

Virtual Zoom Mystery

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We have just finished your murder mystery game (a few hours ago). Many drinks later, I wanted to let you know how it went. 

Murder in the Swinging Sixties was great. We did it via Zoom; I sent everyone their packs via WhatsApp and it ran so smoothly, despite not all being in the same room!

If anything, doing a socially distant version has just made us want to do another when we are allowed together again!


The game we so easy to follow with great tips and directions that at no point were we stuck! 

We played as a group of 12 and even on Zoom the efforts made with costumes made the night! 


Virtual party


I hope you will agree that the costumes alone made the night better than the standard 'lockdown quiz'! 

Pat Psychello and Pat Junior - we love the moustache and toy gun!

Pat Psychello    Pat Junior


Brother Moonlight and Brother Starlight - Peace Man!

Borther Moonlight    Brother Starlight


Annie Phoenix and Drake Wilde - just groovy!

     Annie Phoenix    Drake Wilde


Chastity Morals and Merlyn Mercier and Raymond and Polly Rottingham - fab, man!

Chastity Morals and Merlyn Mercier    Raymond and Polly Rottingham


Major and Payton Morals - we love the disapproving looks!

Payton and major Morals

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