Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Andy's Murder in a 1920s' Speakeasy Party

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Absolutely brilliant evening! Format, files and information and provided led to it running really well ... Only half of us managed to work out the ‘murderer’ - though this could have been due to the Moonshine we were drinking!

Will definitely do again; it really was a fantastic evening.

Twenties' game

I was really impressed by a number of facets:
- Storyline: interesting, with twists and turns and incorporated clues which really changed the way you would think who was guilty. It also wasn't overly complicated which meant there wasn't too much pre-reading required if time was tight. Added phrases/idiosyncrasies for characters worked really well.
- Split of players/main & minor characters: we were a group of 8, but there was a high chance 1-2 people may not have been able to attend. By having a couple of minor characters, it would not have been a disaster for the evening if those players had changed in availability.
- Cost: a really reasonable price, especially when looking at some rival companies/sites.
- Extras: your suggested props and added print labels added to the feel. As you can see from the photos, we all got involved!
As C-19 continues to impact us so heavily, especially with this latest lockdown, games such as yours that enable groups of friends to socialise offers some relief, enjoyment and distraction.

A Short Extract from our Party

Will the Right Honourable Bunny Clifford Smythe become Whackem Will's moll? 

We love the elegant twenties' outfit and headdress - and the red carnation and fake cigar!

Whackem and Bunny


We love the use of simple props, such as playing cards, to create the gambling atmosphere of the speakeasy.

And the use of simple accessories, such as hats and shawls, to create effective costumes.

And the use of our printouts to create a swell backdrop for the camera.

20s' mystery game via Zoom

We love the gambling table created to stage the party.

Gambling table

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