Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Charitable Donations 2020-2021

Our chosen charities

PPE for nurses
Masks for doctors and other NHS staff

Our Customers Stayed Home, Had Fun AND Helped Masks4NHSheroes

Maple Mystery Games are proud to have raised £214 for Masks4NHSheroes. As advertised, we donated 100% of the sales of our murder mysteries during one timeframe to this very worthy cause.

Masks4NHSheroes - is an urgent appeal set up by a team of NHS doctors to help fund personally protective equipment for all levels of NHS frontline staff during the Coronavirus crisis - doctors, nurses, cleaners, porters, paramedics, volunteers and others.

There are so many charities all needing money to help fight the devastation of Covid-19, but we chose to help the brave NHS staff who daily risk their lives to look after others during this crisis. It is our way of saying: THANK YOU.

If this small contribution can save just one life, it is worth it!

Screendump of Maple Mystery Games' pledge to Masks4NHSheroes

Salvation Army Winter Appeal

Our "Is Santa Slayed?" Christmas mystery is a light fluffy mystery where Santa is "poisoned" by mince pies and the toys at the North Pole Toy Factory are stolen. 

But what about those who don't have mince pies, or toys - or even a bed to sleep in?

We made a gift in January to the Salvation Army Winter Appeal:

Salvation Army Donation January 2021

We then made a second donation in February:

Salvation Army Donation: February 2021

Oxygen for India: The British Asian Trust

This last year has been grim for so many. Our customers have stayed home and played our virtual mysteries. But the scenes from India were just so upsetting we felt we had to contribute.

British Asian Trust: Oxygen for India donation