Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Food Ideas: Pirate Murder Mystery

Make-ahead Pirate and Caribbean Inspired Food Suggestions

Caribbean side dishes - Caribbean spicy coleslaw, mango salsa in pineapple boat and cornbread
Pirate party desserts - treasure island cheesecake and treasure chest cake

Hosting a Pirate Murder Mystery - Other Helpful Ideas

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Treat your guests to some food to die for. Or to kill for.

Choose make-ahead food with a pirate or Caribbean inspiration. 

To add a touch of authenticity, why not serve food in coconut shells or in palm leaf dishes or plates? (These can be bought from various online suppliers.) 

See the end of this post for how we mixed and matched the pirate and Caribbean themes in our test party menu for our pirate murder mystery game: Pirates, Plunder and Murder.  

1 Some Arrgh-stounding Pirate-themed Recipe Ideas 

Privateers and buccaneers would keep some livestock on board to give them fresh eggs and meat. For the most part, however, diets on long sea voyages would consist of dried beans, pulses, salted meats and vegetables and sea biscuits. 

Not sound arrgh-stounding for a party?

Well ...

1.2 Use a Little Imagination and Presentation to Turn Normal Food into Pirate Food 

Treasure island cheesecake (left) and treasure chest cake (right)
From left: treasure map cheesecake in the shape of a desert island; treasure chest chocolate loaf.

Our two featured pirate-themed puddings:

A few other ideas:

1.2 Or Add Labels to Turn Normal Food Into Food for your Bucanner Hearties

Use the editable treasure map or pirate-themed labels provided with the game's extensive decoration kit or use cocktail sticks with your own choice of label.

Pirate fruti and nut cake
Pirate fruit and nut cake = nutloaf with dried tropical fruit and a pirate-themed label.

A few ideas:

2 A Few Selected Caribbean Ideas that You Can Make-ahead

The murder mystery is set in a fictional port in the Caribbean. So treat your guests to the flavors of exotic spices (think allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, star anise, garlic and cayenne pepper), West Indian fruits (coconut, papaya, mango, banana. soursop and guava) and vegetables (okra, callaloo, cassava as well as more commonly available vegetables such as sweet potatoes, mini sweetcorns, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and peppers). Then don't forget brown sugar (or molasses) and, of course, rum. 

These dishes have been selected to be largely make-ahead so that you as the host can enjoy the party with your guests.

2.1 Caribbean Starters

Caribbean sweet potato soup with coconut milk and chili
Caribbean sweet potato soup with coconut milk and chili; slice of cornbread.

2.2 West Indian Mains

Jerk salmon with roast potatoes, spicy Caribbean coleslaw and mango salsa
Jerk salmon, Caribbean salsa, roast potatoes and Caribbean coleslaw.

2.3 Sides or Buffet Items

Mango salsa served in a pineapple half
Pirate salsa = mango salsa served in half a pineapple and garnished with chopped coriander. Very refreshing.

2.4 Caribbean-themed Desserts

2.5 Drinks



Soft drinks

2.6 Coffee

Finish off your party with Café Caribbean - coffee with rum and amaretto and topped with whipped cream. Optionally sprinkle with cinnamon, nutmeg or chocolate powder. 

To fit with the piracy theme, why not give each guest a treasure bag with chocolate coins or other chocolates of your choice? (We used mini party favor burlap bags from Amazon, filled them with tissue paper and added a single gold-covered chocolate coin on the top; we did not include lots of chocolates as guests had already had a three-course meal.)

Chocolate coins in treasure bag
Napkin folded into a boat shape and topped with a mini skull and crossbone flag; hessian loot bag with a gold-covered chocolate coin.

3 Our Pirate and Caribbean Themed Party Menu

For our pirate murder mystery game launch party, we offered guests a choice:

See how we hosted our pirate murder mystery game for further details, including how we slotted the timings into the workings of the game.

Our pirate party food: form the left - spicy Caribbean coleslaw, mango salsa in a pineapple boat, treasure bag with chocolate coin, treasure chest cake, treasure map cheescake
From top-left: Caribbean coleslaw; napkin folded into a boat shape; chocolate treasure log; pirate salsa and treasure island and treasure map cheesecake.

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