Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!
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Privacy and Cookie Policies

Maple Mystery Games Ltd

A selection of our murder mystery materials and images of people enjoying parties
A selection of our murder mystery materials and images of people enjoying parties

Last updated 24th November 2022

Our customer’s privacy is VERY important to us and we try to be transparent about what information we do and do not keep. Obviously we will NEVER sell your personal details. We do not pass personal details to third parties except as detailed below.  The exception to this is if a valid law enforcement agency requests details.

1 Cookies

Cookies are small items of information (text files) that websites can store in the browser of your device. Our site uses four different types of cookies.

1.1  Session cookies – these are temporary cookies that are deleted once you leave our website. They are stored in a temporary memory location and NOT on your browser. These temporary cookies store any input you make and track your movement within the website but they use a randomly generated session ID number for your website visit and so they do not store your personal data. These session cookies are necessary for using our shopping cart, for example to remember choices you have made. 

1.2 Persistent cookies – these remain on your browser or device for a specified amount of time, depending on the cookie. We use:

1.2.1 Woocommerce sets cookies to enable the shopping side of the website to function. (See

1.2.2 When leaving a review on a product, or completing our contact form or mailing list form, additional cookies are stored.

1.2.3 Analytics cookies – we use Google Analytics to collect anonymous information about how visitors use our site. Google does not provide us with your IP address. For example, Google provides us with information about how many people land on each page, how many pages visitors to a specific page look at, how long visitors remain on our site and which pages users exit from.

In addition to these, visitors may trigger additional cookies if they share our website with social media sites. We cannot control these cookies so please check with the individual social media site.

How to Opt-Out of Cookies

If you wish to opt-out of Google Analytics, then please visit Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

You may change the cookie settings on your browser to limit the use of cookies. For Chrome users, click the three dots in the top right of the screen, then select Settings and then select Privacy and Security and choose the options you wish.

Note that some of our website functionality may not work if cookies are blocked. 

2 Privacy

2.1 Information Collected When Visitors Visit Our Website

Google Analytics (see above) provides us with anonymous data about users’ activity on our site.

2.2 Information Collected When You Purchase A Product

We collect the following information that you provide us with by completing the purchase form: name, address, email address, your chosen username for our site. If you are using a coupon discount code, we also collect the coupon code number. In addition, your IP address is collected.

2.2.1 Why Do We Collect this Information?

Your name and email address are needed to send you an email with the purchase download links and a receipt. We also send you ONE review request. We may also email you if there is a query with the order.

Your username is needed so we can help you reset your password and regain access to your downloads in case you forget your password. 

Your address is needed for tax reasons.

2.2.2 Which Third Parties Can Access This Data?

Our UK accountant has access to PayPal’s statements of orders, cancellations etc.

2.3 Information Collected When You Download Files

Each time that you download a file (or click on the download link), the system records the date and time of each download. It also records your order number, your name and IP address.

If a refund request is made, we use this information to determine if customers have downloaded files.

2.4 Information Collected When You Opt-In to Our Mailing List

We ask for your name and email address; there is an optional field for the type of murder mystery games that you are interested in. 

We use your name and email address to send occasional emails about new products or offers. We use the optional field for the type of murder mystery games purely as suggestions for popular games that we might write in the future.

You may unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of an email.

We use MailChimp to send these mailing list emails. Their privacy policy is given here. (

2.5 Information Collected When You Contact Us Via Our Contact Page

We ask for your name and email address and provide a space for you to leave a message about your query or concern.

We use this information to reply by email to your query or concern.

2.6 Information Collected When You Leave a Product Review

In addition to the review that you type and the party photos that you (optionally) upload, the system records your name, email address, IP address and the date and time the review was submitted. before leaving a review, you are asked to tick a confirmation box to confirm that “By ticking the box above, you confirm that you and any persons depicted are happy for your words and/or photo(s) to be displayed on this website and that you own the rights to the photo(s).”

The review photos appear with your review and may be used by us on different pages of our website.

If you send us additional photos in an email, we will again use these photos on different pages of our website.

Both photos that you send to us via email and photos that you leave with a product review on the website may be stored by us on a password-protected PC. This is so that we can resize and crop photos to fit the required space on the website page and also so that we can make photos into image collages with other photos. We also sometimes remove or fuzz out brand names on items such as wine bottles and remove or fuzz out background pictures or images.  As stated, photos may be made into collages with other photos and used on the website.

The words that you leave in the review may be used on different pages of our website; they may also be used as an (anonymous) review on our social media sites.

Please see our Terms and Conditions, Section 14.

2.7 Where Information is Stored

Order and customer information is stored on our hosting company’s server. Our Hosting company is AWS Lightsail. Their security policies are given here (

We use CloudFront CDN. The Amazon CloudFront security policies are given here. (

Payment details are stored by PayPal. We do NOT have access to your credit card information. Paypal’s privacy statement can be viewed here. (

Emails are stored on our password-protected computer. Where photos are provided by the customer (2.6 above), these are stored on a password-protected computer as well as on our server.

2.8 How Long is Information Stored For?

Information is stored until you request us to delete it.

2.9 Can I Request My Photo be Removed from the Website?

Yes. Simply email us via our contact form and state which page the photo is on and we will remove it. Please provide an image of the photo in question so that we know which photo to remove.

2.10 Can I Access and Amend my Personal Information?

You have the right to review your personal data and to request an amendment if it is wrong. You also have the right to request personal data to be deleted and to limit the processing of this data. Please email jan @

2.11 Complaints

Please submit any complaints to jan @

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the GDPR.

2.12 Who is responsible for our privacy policy?

Jan is the Privacy Officer at Maple Mystery Games Ltd. If you have any queries about your privacy or data protection measures then please contact her:

Email: jan @

Tel: +44(0) 1284 787787

Address: Privacy Officer, Maple Mystery Games Ltd, 11 Maple Green, Great Barton, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP31 2SN, United Kingdom

UK Registered Company Number: 12584098