Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!
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How to Download Your Murder Mystery Game

Buy Game, then Instant Download After PayPal

Games by Number of Players:

A collage of customer murder mystery party photos
A collage of customer murder mystery party photos

Your murder mystery party or dinner party kit is available for immediate download as soon as you buy the game and PayPal has completed. (This generally happens immediately but does depend upon PayPal.) A complete list of our current murder mysteries to download can be found on our downloadable murder mystery games page.

1 How Do I Download My Murder Mystery Game?

Once PayPal has completed, there are three ways of downloading your files.


1.1 From the "Checkout Then Download" Page

Once PayPal completes, the system should automatically take you back to the "Checkout Then Download" Page.  The top image on this page remains the same but the information below this image will have changed. Rather than fields requesting your information and giving details of your order, there is now a message in bold saying to scroll down to download your files.

If you scroll down you will see the 7 links in the illustration. Click on the right-hand link to download the file.


1.2 From the Confirmation Email

The system will send you an email with a purple box at the top saying "Thank You for Your Purchase; Downloads and Receipt are Below".

There will be seven files with clickable links to each file.


Links sent in email confirmation

1.3 From "My Account" Page

On the top menu line, select the "My Account "option. On the "My Account" page, log-in (if you are not already logged in), then select the Download tab and scroll down to get the same seven downloadable files as with the other two options.


1.4 Do All Files Need to be Downloaded?

We recommend that you download the first three zip files (Host Instructions and Materials, Pre-Party Files and Party Files) and also the two audio files. The last two zip files (Decoration Pack and Menu and Place Cards) are optional.

Please see our Murder Mystery Kit page for more information.

2 Downloading and Extracting Files: Troubleshooting Tips

Using any of the above methods, the file transfer should be an easy, instant process. Occasionally, depending on the device or software you use, there might be a (fixable) issue.

2.1 I Click the Right-Hand Link to Download the File: Nothing Appears to Happen. What Should I do?

Check your Downloads folder. Depending on how your device is set up, your device MAY ask you which folder and file name you want to use or it MAY just automatically transfer the files to this folder or another specified folder.

Tip if using an iPad or iPhone:  Apple Support shows further information on where to find downloads on an iPad or iPhone.

Tip if using a computer: if you cannot easily find the folder that the file has been downloaded to, then open up a window or interface to it by pressing Ctrl + J (Microsoft Windows) or Option + Command + L (Mac). Then click "Show in folder" to go to the folder and access the file you need.

Example of using Ctrl + J to access Downloads on a Windows PC

After pressing Ctrl J and then clicking on Show in Folder, a view of the downloaded file in the relevant folder appears

2.2 I am Having Problems Downloading Files Due to Storage

If you are using an iPad or mobile that is an old device or has limited storage space, it might be easier to use a PC. Note that an approximate range of file sizes for each zip is given on each mystery page in the Game Infor tab or else the black box at the bottom. This is divided into Essential and Optional zip files. Parties for 6-8 players will be at the lower end of the file size range; parties for 12-14 players will be at the upper end of the range.

2.3 How Do I Extract the Zipped Files?

AFTER downloading, use software such as your default computer extraction tool (if any) or any other extraction/decompression software to extract (unzip) the files.

On some PCs, right-click the mouse on the downloaded zip file and choose "Extract All". On other PCs, left-click the mouse on the downloaded zip file, select the Compressed Folder Tools tab at the top, then click the Extract All option.

Extracting files from a zipped file using a right-click of the mouse

Note that the zip file MUST be downloaded and saved before files can be extracted.

2.4 Any Issues 

If you have any issues, please do contact us via our contact form. We are always happy to help.

4 A Customer Review

Sarah Place's Murder at Horror Castle party photo
Murder at Horror Castle party - Sarah Place's group photo

"My friends and I had so much fun with this! I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a good time."

Sarah Place's review of Murder at Horror Castle

4 A Few Frequently Asked Questions