Swinging Sixties Murder Mystery Dinner Party
Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

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Murder mystery party the safe way - during Corona lockdown, have a fun evening with family and friends with this Naughty Nineties mystery
Swinging Sixties Murder Mystery Dinner Party
1960s' murder mystery party - group photo
Murder mystery party the safe way - during Corona lockdown, have a fun evening with family and friends with this Naughty Nineties mystery
1960s' murder mystery party - group photo

Host a Murder Mystery Party Your Friends Will Remember! 

Ideal for beginners and experienced sleuths alike ...
Video party with family and friends during the Corona lockdown. Once lockdown eases, a small garden gathering can maintain social distance.  

Easy-to-run, fun murder mystery games that make for a great party or dinner party.   

No-one knows who the murderer is - not even the murderer! And no-one admits to anything - but the evidence mounts against each suspect!

The whodunnit CAN be found amidst all the red herrings - we never just draw the murderer's name out of a hat.

Each murder mystery party game is instantly downloadable and printable. A VERY comprehensive party kit is included. Choose a video party (ideal for Corona lockdown and guests may view material on iPads for a paperless option) or the normal version.

As host, you can join with your guests to solve the dastardly crime. Play in your own home or at a venue of your choosing.

Our Murder Mystery Games

Murder in the Swinging Sixties
Murder in the Swinging Sixties

(Who Killed Pearly Pearl?)

Game type: party or dinner party

Players: 6 - 8, 8 - 10, 10 - 12, 12- 14

Theme: 1960s, Music, English Village

Swing back to the Sixties when miniskirts were groovy and hippies and rock stars were outta-sight, man. Pearly Pearl was murdered whilst organising Lovestock, the largest music festival the world has ever seen.

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Murder in the Naughty Nineties
Murder in the Naughty Nineties

(Mystery at Worthy Manor)

Game type: party or dinner party

Players: 6 - 8, 8 - 10, 10 - 12, 12 - 14

Theme: 1990s, Manor House, English Village

Yo, it's the Naughty Nineties when "respectable hotels" were anything but, wannabes were stylin' and the world could end December 31st 1999. Swhwing-a-ling, dudes, a New Age psychic saw this death in her crystal ...

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Murder in the Roaring Twenties - The Speakeasy Homicide
Murder in the Roaring Twenties

(The Speakeasy Homicide)

Game type: dinner party

Players: 6 - 8

Theme: 1920s, Roaring Twenties, Speakeasy



Coming soon ...

The Halloween Homicide - spooktacular fun!
The Halloween Homicide

(Spooktacular Fun!)

Game type: dinner party

Players: 6 - 8

Theme: Halloween, Gothic



Coming soon ...

Guests laughing as rock star hams-up his (optional) song chorus

"Such a laugh ... think Poirot meets Pantomime! A really good format."

Rebecca Poz

"Loved every minute ... was nervous as had never done anything like it before but it was a brilliant evening's entertainment. Would do so again."

Adrian Balaam

"A relaxed and fun evening but interesting and detailed enough to get the brain cells working".

Charles Eaton

"Good format with really great materials. Worked really well. The level of information was great."


Some of the Best Online Murder Mystery Party Games - Flexible, Fun and Available for Instant Download

1  Suitable for Beginners AND Experienced Sleuths 

Some players like the security of a script - others prefer to embellish and ad-lib.  Our unique prompt cards can cope with both!

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Read as a Script   OR   Ad-lib as You Wish - Each Player Can Choose

Murder mystery game beginners, seniors, children and anyone else who wishes can treat the prompt cards like a script and simply read both the essential and the optional dialogue prompts. No specialist knowledge is needed - you will not suddenly be told to "tell people about your experience of solving crimes at Scotland Yard".

More confident players can give the key information (indicated in bold) in their own words, omit the optional dialogue, embellish and ad-lib as much as they wish.

Follow a Strict Order of Speakers    OR   Allow Optional Speakers To Chime-in as They Wish - Each Party Can Choose  

The order of ESSENTIAL speakers is given in small typeface on the left of each page so everyone knows who speaks when. 

The prompt cards are designed to encourage fun and spontaneity by allowing additional optional speakers to chime in whenever they wish - and have other characters react off-the-cuff to these optional comments. (If in doubt, the golden rule is to deny everything!) 

Alternatively, each group can choose to treat the prompt cards like a play where the essential speakers speak first in a strict order and then the additional optional speakers say their piece at the end of each section. (Optional speakers may have to adapt their suggested dialogue slightly in this case.) 

Initial Mingling Is Optional

Some guests enjoy a mix-and-mingle format where you circulate round the room trying to achieve objectives; others feel more comfortable with structured rounds.

Our optional Initial Mingling round can be made as long or as short as the hosts and guests wish - or can be avoided entirely if you choose.

View Sample Character Booklet

Note that the information in bold (Rounds 1-6) shows essential information that characters must give; they may use their own words and ad-lib whilst doing so. Non-bold information is just given as a suggestion for those who find ad-libs difficult.

Singing during rounds
Whodunnit Section - dare anyone lie to Pat Junior?

2 Flexible Party Length

If you want a shorter party, omit the Initial Mingling and Interactive Whodunnit Sections - you can fall back on our short audio Introduction and Summary. Most guests love these extra rounds, however!

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Initial Mingling - Fun Chance for Blackmail and Backstabbing!

Guests learn the major themes of your murder mystery game, as well as who is playing which character, whilst completing their secret objectives. Beware - other characters may have opposing objectives and opposing agendas. 

No-one is suddenly thrown in at the deep end  - instructions and optional dialogue suggestions are given in advance but guests can ad-lib as much as they wish!

Interactive Whodunnit Session

Each guest is accused in turn. Guests explain why they could not be the murder   OR   are forced to explain the part they played in the foul deed. For those sleuths who enjoy weeding out the red herrings from the genuine clues, this round joins up the dots more than the short audio solution has time for.

No-one knows who the murderer is until the very last moment when an audio recording sums up the clues and unmasks the dastardly murderer.

Whodunnit Section - dare anyone lie to Pat Junior?

3  Flexible Characters

Gender-neutral characters and free optional, non-suspect characters make our mysteries suitable for more types of groups.

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Unisex Characters

Wherever possible, we create characters that can be played by male or female guests.

Free Optional Non-Suspect Characters

We give two free optional non-suspect characters with every game; you can use one optional character or both or none as you wish. Optional characters have optional dialogue suggestions for both the Initial Mingling and the rounds. They can also ad-lib as much - or as little - as they wish.  They are ideal for teenage children, older relatives, those friends who want to be present but are a bit shy or for friends who are not sure if they can make it or not. 

Alternatively, invite a couple of additional guests; if someone suddenly drops out at the last minute, you can then reshuffle easily.  

If in doubt, deny everything! Baroness de Montversigny ideclares her innocence!
1960s' shindig

4  Semi-Flexi Buys 

After the initial purchase, different versions of the SAME game (with a different number of characters) can be purchased, if available, for a 40% reduction.

More Info
Semi-Flexi Buy

If someone drops out at the last minute - or if more guests want to come - then don't panic.  On purchase, we send each customer a voucher entitling them to a 40% reduction for different versions of the SAME game (if available).

Note 1: you may need to reassign some players to characters; the end of your host instructions give you information about which characters are deleted in each game (put under a Spoiler Alert header!)

Note 2: Obviously, this is only valid if that particular murder mystery game can be run for a different number of characters!

1960s' shindig

5 Fun Characters, Fun Dialogue Suggestions, Fun Themes

Every character is wonderfully over-the-top with a catchphrase or two and/or a unique mannerism so that every guest can have fun hamming up their role.

More Info

In some themes, some players also have (optional) opportunities to sing or recite a few lines of comical poetry or make an unexpected "proposal".

Lots of inter-character clashes also add to the fun.

Drake Wilde hams-up his rock star image with an (optional) singing of a few lines of song
Unexpected proposal during game rounds - will Claire Voyantte accept Farmer Fred's proposal?

6 And the Host Plays Too!

You've planned your murder mystery party - now you want to enjoy it with your guests. Our easy-to-run parties let the host be a suspect or an optional character as they wish.

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As host, you don't need to be stressing trying to control the party. All you have to do is play a couple of audios and hand out the booklets, clues, name tags and awards if used.  This is clearly indicated in colour in your Host Guide - and the sequence of events is also given in each character's booklet so your friends and yourself can clearly see what needs to happen next as you go along.

Our theme-appropriate menus focus on food that can be prepared in advance so you as the host can enjoy the mystery with your guests.

Unexpected proposal during game rounds - will Claire Voyantte accept Farmer Fred's proposal?

7 Instantly Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Kits

Our DIY murder mystery party kits can be downloaded instantly upon purchase and printed at home. They provide everything you need to be the Hostess with the Mostess and host a fantastic party that your friends will remember.

More Info
  • A simple informative host guide, a themed recipe booklet, lots of free printouts for decorations 
  • Attractive invites, booklets, clues, place settings, menus, name tags
  • MP3 audio Introduction and Summary - with printed backup

For ease of downloading, materials are given on purchase in 3-4 zip files. These zip files contain pdfs and 2 MP3 audio recordings.

Party kit printouts - singles covers for po stars assigned to P.L.J. Phoenix Records
Pre-party character booklets with editable invitations and fake money

8 Attractive, Professional and Easy-to-Print

Whether you print at home or ask a friend to print for you, we've made the materials attractive, easy-to-print and ink-friendly.

More Info
  • Pre-party character booklets - 1 double-sided sheet of A4 or 2 single sheets of A4
  • Party Character booklets - 4 double-sided sheets of A4; just fold once and staple; (instructions for single-printing fallback)
  • Attractive layout without large swathes of ink-guzzling dark colours 
  • Decorations fit onto A4 sheets - colour saturation is subtly reduced to create eye-catching decorations that use less ink when printing
  • Use colour or black-and-white printing as you choose
Pre-party character booklets with editable invitations and fake money

9 Sale: Affordable Murder Mysteries - With Quality Guaranteed

We are a new murder mystery company. We are therefore selling our games at a reduced price to begin with.

More Info

We have, however, spent months polishing each mystery, testing on friends and family, rewriting and testing again. Then we asked others to beta-test each mystery for us.

We are therefore confident that we are selling a very high-quality product at a very affordable price.

What Your Murder Mystery Party Game Kit Contains

Party kit includes full host instructions and theme-appropriate recipes
Full Host Instructions - everything you need to make your murder mystery party go with a swing
  • Host booklet
  • Recipe booklets with make-ahead recipes to match your theme
  • Lots of A4-sized printouts so you can easily add that "wow" factor; use our tips (see the Decorations tab of each theme) to turn A4 printouts into larger, eye-catching decorations
  • Editable menu
  • Place settings and name tags designed to match your theme
  • Money-off opportunity for your next purchase!
View Sample Host Instructions
Pre-party materials - booklets for each character and attractive invitations
Pre-party Character Booklets and Invitations (Can be Printed or Emailed)

Editable invitations (in Word).

Pre-party character booklet for each player that fits neatly onto 2 sides of A4. Each character booklet contains:

  • Brief "newspaper" articles give bite-sized introductions
  • Brief character bios with suggested catchphrases and mannerisms, fancy dress costume suggestions - and that "secret you will lie to protect"
  • List of suspects and non-suspects - grouped into their relation to the victim
  • Initial Mingling objectives plus optional dialogue suggestions 
View Sample Pre-Party Booklet
Party materials include charcter booklets, clues and award certificates
Party Materials
  • Audio introduction and solution (with printable backup)
  • Party character booklets contain instructions, prompt cards for rounds, accusation sheets, optional whodunnit round that gives more information than the brief audio solution
  • Attractive clues
  • Certificates for best solution, actor and costume
View Sample Party Booklet