Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!
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Murder Mystery Games to Host Yourself

So Easy to Run the Host Plays Too

Murder mystery party photos from different customers and test parties together with selected game kit materials
Murder mystery party photos from different customers and test parties together with selected game kit materials

Games by Number of Players:

Enjoy a role-playing party of murder, mystery and intrigue with friends, family or work colleagues. Each murder mystery game uses a unique flexibly scripted format so the extroverts in your party can ham up the role and ad-lib as much as they wish; all guests can have fun experimenting with the accents and character quirks written into each role.

Instant download after purchase means you can start the fun of planning your next whodunnit party or dinner party. Will YOU be the murderer? Or will it be one - or more - of your guests? No one knows who the dastardly killer/s are - but crime is afoot and everyone has secrets they will lie and scheme to protect ...

Murder Mysteries - Our Games

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A Few Good Points

Hosting a Murder Mystery Party: 5 Easy Steps

Note that you as host choose whether you wish to serve dinner before, during or after the murder mystery. If you serve food that can largely be made in advance, then you can play the rounds in-between dinner courses; some hosts, however, find it easier to serve dinner and then play the whodunnit.

1 Host Chooses Theme, Buys Mystery Game & Downloads Kit

We suggest you check how many guests wish to play before purchase as diaries can clash.

2 Host Does Pre-Party Admin

Send guests party invites and pre-party booklets in advance so they can plan their costumes and understand their role. (This can be done days or weeks before your gathering.)

Print party booklets, clues, award certificates etc.

Prepare your decorations and food - and also your costume.

3 Party Night Begins

Once all guests have arrived, take group photo. (We find it best to do so at the start of the evening before people discard wigs etc.)

Optionally, start the evening with an optional Initial Mingling where guests learn the major themes of the murder mystery while enjoying backstabbing and scheming. (The instructions for this are in the guests' pre-party booklets.)

Hand out party booklets to each guest and ask two volunteers to read out the game instructions.

Play the Audio Introduction to set the scene for the murder mystery.

4 Main Part of the Party

You as host now have nothing to do except to play a role and enjoy the game.

Everyone play rounds 1-6. (Rounds 1-3 cover motives for killing; rounds 4-6 cover opportunities for killing.)

5 Party Ends

Guests make their accusations before playing the optional (but recommended) whodunnit round. This clears up many of the red herrings that the brief audio solition does not cover.

You as host now play the Audio Solution and then hand out award certificates for best solution, best acting and best costume.

Everyone relaxes and chats over coffee.

A Customer Review

Abigail Darbyshire's "Murder at the Christmas Party" party
Abigail Darbyshire's review of "Murder at the Christmas Party": group photo

“As the host, this was so easy to set up. Instructions were easy to follow, with lots of extra printouts to set the scene from posters to table place settings! It took us about 3 hours with dinner. We all had such fun. I would highly recommend!”

Abigail Darbyshire’s review of “Murder at the Christmas Party”