Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Virtual Murder Mystery Party

Tips for Hosting a Video Chat Party

Selected virtual murder mystery parties from customers
A few of our customer video chat murder mystery parties

Host a virtual murder mystery party and have heaps of fun with family and friends. These mysteries are ideal for Covid lockdowns - or just for connecting with those who live some distance away.

Our video murder mystery parties are easy to host, lots of fun and suitable for 6-14 players.

They run well across Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype etc. (Most of our customers use Zoom.)

Unlike online murder mystery games by some other companies, our games are designed so that all guests join together on a single call. No break-out rooms are required for the main party, although you can use them for the optional pre-party fun and sleuthing if desired.

Due to the changing Covid situation, we offer a free swap between the virtual and face-to-face (at home) options if you email us.(Swap is for same game, same number of players.)

Our Murder Mystery Games

Is Santa Slayed? - a family-friendly Chistmas mystery
Is Santa Slayed?

Suitable for adults, office socials or families. Elves, reindeer, magicians, polar bear, Santa's family, Scrooge ...

Players: 6 - 8, 8 - 10, 10 - 12, 12 - 14

Type: At Home or Virtual

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Murder in the Swinging Sixties
Murder in the Swinging Sixties

Hippies, rock stars, minidress designers, gangsters, anti-smut campaigners ...

Players: 6 - 8, 8 - 10, 10 - 12, 12- 14

Type: At Home or Virtual

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1920s' speakeasy murder mystery party
Murder in the 1920s' Speakeasy

Flappers, gangsters, bootleggers, Temperance Society, law enforcement ...

Players: 6 - 8, 8 - 10, 10 - 12, 12 - 14

Type: At Home or Virtual

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Murder in the Naughty Nineties
Murder in the Naughty Nineties

Wannabees, celebrities, aristocrats, New Age psychic, end-of-world cult ...

Players: 6 - 8, 8 - 10, 10 - 12, 12 - 14

Type: At Home or Virtual

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Murder at the 70s Disco Party
Murder at the 70s Disco Party

Boogie on down and be a disco star, a glam rocker or a disco dancer; or be a hippie, a film star or a (would-be groovy) music director.

Players: 6 - 8, 8 - 10

Type: At Home or Virtual

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Murder at Horror Castle
Murder at Horror Castle

Vampires, zombies, demons, witches, ghosts and a serial killer ...

Players: 6 - 8, 8 - 10, 10 - 12, 12- 14

Type: At Home or Virtual

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How Your Virtual Game Works - And What You as Host Need to Do ...

Our Virtual Murder Mystery Parties are So Easy to Run the Host Can Play a Suspect!

You will need to do some pre-party admin (see Before Tab of the section below). Once the party begins, however, the host duties are so easy that we encourage all hosts to play a suspect along with their guests. (An "organiser" character is very definitely NOT needed!) See the During Tab in the section below.

Virtual murder mystery parties are actually a lot easier to host than conventional face-to-face ones! This is because you are not trying to juggle playing a character with cooking a fancy meal. Once the rounds begin, you have nothing to do but play a suspect and enjoy the game; there is no popping back and forth to the kitchen and trying to time things in the oven. You also don’t need to decorate or even tidy your house – although small, token decorations where the camera will focus can add to the fun.

Tips for Virtual Parties

A short summary of the "Tips for Running a Virtual Mystery" tip sheet we provide with all virtual games:

Tips for Host:

These tips are pretty light as the host has very little to do during the course of the party!

1 If the optional Pre-party Fun and Sleuthing (Initial Mingling in pre-party booklets) is played, then use a video call environment that permits multiple rooms. For example, with Zoom, create multiple breakout rooms, make everyone a co-host of each breakout room and then they can join and leave each room as they please. With Google Hangouts, create multiple hangouts that people can join.

2 When playing the audio Introduction and Solution, mute microphones (or ask guests to mute their microphones). This cuts out background noise and enables the quality of the audio to be heard.

Tip: before the game, check that you know how to enable your device to share an audio across the virtual call software of your choice.

3 Optionally, share clues as and when needed. This is completely optional as players read the clues as part of the game. Some parties, however, like to study the information on the clues afterwards - if so, share the appropriate page of the Duplicate Clues document as requested.

Tip: it might be a good idea to check how to share a document in advance.

Tips for Guests - They Will Need:

To check that their cameras and microphones work and that they have a good spot for their wi-fi. (Great to do before the party!)

Have fully-charged devices - or a charger to-hand!

Party booklets and clues (if any) to hand. Alternatively, if booklets are to be viewed electronically, then an additional device is needed. Many guests find it easier to print the clues so that they don't need to keep flicking between different tabs on their device.

Display Name (the name that appears on the screen) set to the character name not their personal name. This makes it a lot easier to work out which character is speaking.

A microphone (if available) helps to guests move their device slightly away from themselves whilst still maintaining sound quality.

A rest for phones / iPads / Tablets saves sore arms.

Audio and camera turned on and display options (eg gallery and thumbnail) the way they wish.

Virtual backgrounds - if guests don't use some of the decorations printouts and ideas supplied by Maple Mystery Games, then software such as Zoom enables them to use fun virtual backgrounds. Great for setting the scene!

For convenience, these guest instructions are also given in each of our online invitaions:

View Sample Virtual Murder Mystery Invitation

General Host Instructions

We also provide a full set of host instructions specially tailored for virtual parties; these are clear, detailed and attractively laid out:

View Sample Host Instructions For Virtual Party



A Few Frequently Asked Questions

A few Customer Reviews

We've been lucky enough to recieve over 170 positive reviews. To see these, check the review section at the bottom of each theme. A few are given below:

Virtual swinging in the 60s!

"I purchased this murder mystery for my birthday during the Covid19 pandemic, for a virtual party. There were 14 of us in total, all tuned in via Zoom. It worked wonderfully.

There was sufficient information before the party which I could send out to the participants in advance. None of us had a clue what we were doing, but it was pretty foolproof and we all managed to follow. Definitely recommend! Thank you so much."

"Just wanted to say thank you for creating these! ... all had such a fun evening doing this and worked perfectly on Zoom too!!

We did the 60’s one, so funny & loved all the characters you have created. I’m thinking of doing this again with my family."


"Week 6 locked down in Covid-19  ... we played the 6-8 player online version and it was so easy to set-up, we pulled this off with only a couple of hours, and we still had a great time! ... The characters were fun, the mystery was real, and not everyone guessed who the murderer was at the end. ... I’d recommend this to anyone, even last-minute people like us who really didn’t have much, or even any (?) experiences in murder mysteries."


"Really enjoyed it – great way to alleviate some lockdown boredom and have a great night with family all over the country via Skype!

So helpful to have all the information we needed to hand, and have the freedom to follow the script or have a bit of fun ad-libbing!"