Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

How to Host a Virtual Murder Mystery Party

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All you need to know to host a fun virtual mystery party. For a complete list of our games that have been adapted to an online format, see all virtual murder mystery games.

Our video murder mystery parties are easy to host and run well across Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype etc. All guests join together on a single call. No break-out rooms are required for the main party, although you can use them for the optional pre-party fun and sleuthing if desired.


 1 Format of your virtual mystery party

2 How to host your virtual game - host actions before, during and after party

3 Tips for running virtual parties - for host and for guests

4 A customer review

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2 How to Host Your Virtual Game - Host Actions Before, During and After Party

3 Tips for Running Virtual Parties

Tips for Host (More Detailed Instructions Are Provided with the Game):

These tips are pretty light as the host has very little to do during the course of the party!

1 If the optional Pre-party Fun and Sleuthing (Initial Mingling in pre-party booklets) is played, then use a video call environment that permits multiple rooms. For example, with Zoom, create multiple breakout rooms, make everyone a co-host of each breakout room and then they can join and leave each room as they please.

2 When playing the audio Introduction and Solution, mute microphones (or ask guests to mute their microphones). This cuts out background noise and enables the quality of the audio to be heard.

Tip: before the game, check that you know how to enable your device to share an audio across the virtual call software of your choice.

3 Optionally, share clues On Screen as and when needed. This is completely optional as players read the clues as part of the game. Some parties, however, like to study the information on the clues afterwards. Also, if you have a poor speaker, it can be easier if guests are also able to read clues on their screens. If so, share the appropriate page of the Duplicate Clues document as requested.

Tip: it might be a good idea to check how to share a document in advance.

Tips for Guests (These are Given in the Invites For Ease of Use)

Check that your cameras and microphones work and that you have a good spot for wi-fi. (Great to do before the party!)

Have fully-charged devices - or a charger to-hand!

Have party booklets and clues (if any) to hand. If booklets are viewed electronically, it easier to print the clues to avoid flicking between different tabs.

Set Display Name (the name that appears on the screen) to your character name not your personal name. This makes it a lot easier to work out which character is speaking.

Have audio and camera turned on and display options (eg gallery and thumbnail) the way you wish.

Dress in costume and decorate the small area where the camera will focus to add to the party atmosphere. Use the printouts and instructions provided with the game; alternatively find an image from a library such as Pexels or Pixabay and use it as a virtual background.

A microphone (if available) helps you to move your device slightly away from yourself while still maintaining sound quality.

A rest for phones / iPads / Tablets saves sore arms.

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General Host Instructions

We also provide a full set of host instructions specially tailored for virtual parties; these are clear, detailed and attractively laid out:

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4 A Customer Review

Emma Millington's Murder in the Swinging Sixties virtual party
Emma Millington's Murder in the Swinging Sixties virtual party

"This was a great way to spend a lockdown birthday! I loved that each file was in a separate document so I could easily email it over to each participant. The additional resources were an extra bonus – like the home decoration ideas and the 60s slang! The instructions were very easy to follow and the script was simple enough to work through. Our ages ranges from 21 to 72 and it was accessible to all! I would definitely recommend to a friend. We loved having an excuse to dress up and it really made my birthday special… Even if it did turn out that I was the murderer!"

Emma Millington's review of "Murder in the Swinging Sixties"

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