Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Maple Mystery Games

A UK Murder Mystery Party Company

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Swinging Sixties Murder Mystery - party version (12-14 people)

We began writing murder mystery games (for our own use) in 2004. We loved testing them on friends and family and developing our own format. 

Now we're confident that we have a format that works, we're really excited to have created this online business.

Who Are Maple Mystery Games?

Maple Mystery Games Ltd are a husband and wife team based in England, UK. John's got the type of brain that comes up with the plot twists - blame him when you groan over the final solution! Jan loves putting the mysteries together, getting all those details right, spending hours creating recipe and decoration ideas and full instructions to help parties go with a swing.

We live with our two teenage sons, Jan's mother, two cats and two dogs. Our sons often find themselves testing new games!

Maple Mystery Games - just a typical family photo!

We both of us take pride in top customer service, both before and after-sales. Contact us via our contact form and we'll do our best to get back to you ASAP. Other contact details are also on our contact page.

What Makes Maple Mystery Games' Parties Special?

1  The Murderer is Not a Random Person Chosen on the Night

Each party is carefully plotted so that the jigsaw pieces slot together to point to the murderer - if you can ignore those red herrings!

And the solution has been very carefully thought through. (We plot and replot until we are happy that the mystery hangs together; then we test it on friends to make sure they agree.)

2  The Murderer is Guessable

Only one person (or one combination of people) has both the motive and the opportunity to kill the victim. Clues are laid, red herrings are abundant, but each murder mystery game IS guessable.  

3  Guests are NOT Expected to Tell the Truth

In real life, not many will admit to affairs, blackmail, murder, fraud and all sorts of shady secrets! In our games, guests certainly don't! Everyone cheerfully lies and lies again to protect their guilty secrets BUT the evidence quickly builds against them.

4  Suitable for Beginners and Experienced Sleuths

Not everyone wants to sit in a circle and read a formal play - BUT many do wish for the security of scripted questions and replies. Our flexible party booklets can be read as a script if players wish - BUT more confident guests can use their own words and ad-lib as they choose.  And, as you only see your own prompts, you don't know what the other players are going to say. Our golden rule is: if in doubt, deny everything!

5  Helpful Prompts

Not everyone can ad-lib about a subject they know nothing about. We therefore never give vague directions to "tell everyone about your career as a Speakeasy owner in the 1920s". With our mysteries, if we have a character who is/has been a Speakeasy owner, then we spend the time researching this career ourselves so that we can give guests the few key details they need to bring this character alive; we also gives these details as and when they are needed so players don't need to remember lots of facts. Players can also ad-lib and embellish as they choose!

To make it easier for your guests, we always write suggested dialogue possibilities in the first person rather than expecting everyone to convert "tell the group that you have lived in Mansion X since you were a child" into a sentence they might wish to say.

6 Great for Virtual Parties

Since Lockdown, many customers have contacted us to say what fun they've had and how well the games have worked as a virtual party.

We also supply a host tip sheet on running a virtual mystery party.

7  We Put a LOT of Effort into EACH Murder Mystery Party

We don't outsource work to other writers. Full stop. Each and every murder mystery party has been carefully worked out in detail, researched and refined. Then it's tested on friends and family and refined again. An average murder mystery game takes months to plot and write.

We also put a lot of effort into thinking about instructions for decorations - and give photos of how these might work. We create a selection of printouts so your party can look great as well.

Please see our Party Kit page for more details.

Suspects deny all

"We purchased this to play virtually with all 14 characters for a Birthday Party and it was fabulous. Everyone really got into character  ... Jan was super helpful and responsive when we had questions ... It’s laid out clearly and if you are considering a murder mystery, then definitely go for this one."


"Fantastic game and great after-sales service – we asked for a complete script as one of our players is extremely hard of hearing and they went out of their way to provide everything that we needed for him to join in without any problems ... the scripts were clear and easy to follow and we all had a great time!"


"Good format with really great materials. Worked really well. The level of information was great."


"A great night, well-conceived and well-executed. Would love to do another one!!!"

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