Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Jack's Naughty Nineties Party

Virtual Zoom Mystery

Dope fancy dress
Dope fancy dress!

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The Murder Mystery party we bought was so good!

We bought the 90s party for my birthday, and all our friends were so up for it! We had to double up some couples as we invited too many people but it worked really well regardless.

The pack comes with decorations and scripts, as well as pre-party information and character backgrounds, all in handy little document folders. This made it so easy to email our "guests" prior to the video call!


Zoom call: 90s mystery


The script was really well thought out, little clues hidden everywhere and plot twists in every section! The script itself has everything in there but leaves plenty of room to ad-lib for those who wanted to.

Only one member got the murderer right, most of us were close but had a brilliant time acting everything out anyway! We can't wait to try another murder mystery - they're certainly a better way to spend a Friday night than doing *another* quiz!

Thanks so much,
Jack and Rachael

We went all out - see the pictures - but some quieter members of the party still thoroughly enjoyed themselves and felt they had the right part.


Mel Mopper: We love the mop and that stylin' outfit! Those snooty Worthalot-Worthies would disapprove!

Mel Mopper


Claire Voyantte: love and light, but those headbands are dope!

Claire Voyantte


Lady Worthalot-Worthy - Karisma may be the "grieving" widow, but she sure has an eye for husband number 6!

Lady Worthalot-Worthy


Lady Beatrice: very stylin' with the class of "one whose family have lived in Little Worthalot since 1066"! 

Lady Beatrice


Kit Cathoosen: dope matching outfits

Kit Cathoosen


Junior: last but by no means least!




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