Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!
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Ashley's Fly Naughty Nineties Party

Murder Mystery Game for 6 Players

Ashley's Naughty Nineties urder mystery game for 6 players
Ashley's Nineties party

90s Featured Parties, Photos & Decor Ideas

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This is a fly party based on our Murder in the Naughty Nineties murder mystery game. We love those 90s hairstyles and outfits.

Ashley says "We had a blast in the 90s. So easy to prepare and follow. We had lots of laughs.

The party was for a winter vacation for my 40th birthday. We did the Initial Mingling and Rounds 1-3 and then paused for pizza, mozarella sticks and salad. Then we did rounds 4-6 and the Whodunnit round."

Ashley's Naughty Nineties urder mystery game for 6 players

90s Costumes

Scarlet and Karisma: we love the 90s hairstyles and costumes

Scarlet and Karisma

Karisma - the "grieving" widow?

Karisma - the "grieving" widow

Claire Voyantte and her unusual "crystal ball" - we love the scrunchie and dangly jewelry, and the black dress is so appropriateĀ 


Claire Voyantte

Nail extensions and glitter:

Nail extensions

Junior: fly 90s wig:


Thomas Trustme - braces add a simple costume element to the blue shirt:

Thomas Trustme

Reverend Honestly - simple black shirt:

Reverend Honestly


90s Decorations

We love the way Ashley used bright neon card and paints to create simple 90s decorations - and also mixed these with some of the printouts provided in the game's Decoration Pack. We also love that Ashley gave a real 90s vibe by having lots of 90s products, videos and posters on display - sadly, for copyright reasons, we couldn't show these.

I love the 90s

Worhtalot Manor sign with neon stars

Neon stars

Rubik cube

A couple of printouts from the Decorations Pack: cutout or framed on card:

90s Dining Table

We love the way Ashley used neon card to frame the coaster insets (provided in the Decoration Pack) and the place cards provided with the game.

Ashley also provided a packet of 90s sweets for each guest and showed printouts of 90s celebrities. (Sadly, for copyright reasons, we've had to blur these out.)

90s dining table



Customer verdict: "What a great experience. Thank you so much; it was fun to be the host and be able to play not knowing who the murderer was. Easy steps to follow to prepare and play the game. We were a group of 6 and had a blast, lots of laughs and giggles trying to figure out who the murderer was."

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