Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Rebecca's 70s Disco Party

Groovy Mystery at a Campsite

Murder mystery party around a campfire
70s group photo

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A fab, hip party based on our Murder at the 70s Disco Party mystery.

We had a groovy time last night thanks to your Disco murder mystery.

Once a year our group goes camping and hosts a murder mystery and this one was the best!!

Thanks for writing such a fun script.

We had pizza, salad, and breadsticks delivered to the campground. It's not on theme, but my original menu was too complicated for camping.

Murder mystery around the campfire

We also had a disco ball light, and when it got dark the light looked really cool lighting up the trailer and the trees. We had a disco dance party after we finished the mystery. The photo is blurry because we were dancing to Abba's "Dancing Queen".

Dancing to Abba's Dancing Queen

We LOVE the Boogie background - so outta-sight, man. And we LOVE the fab, groovy costumes. Everyone absolutely nailed their character. From left to right the characters are Poppy, Don, Greg, Jude, Storm, Bella, Rory and, Zing.

 Poppy, Don, Greg, Jude, Storm, Bella, Rory, Zing

Bella and Storm: Bella is the perfect "grieving" widow while Storm is the peaceful hippie, man.

Bella and Storm

Poppy and Don the Dude: we love Poppy's disco boots, sparkly outfit and headscarf. And Don the Dude is cool, baby.

Poppy and Don the Dude

Jude and Greg: fab outfits - a cool disco dancer and a singer who will "Tell you that I'm groovy".

Jude and Greg

We love the "backing singers": American Eskimos Kiva and Khya. 

Dogs are backing singers


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