Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!
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Aileen's 70s Disco Party

Groovy 70s Costumes and Fab Disco Dancing

Aileen's disco mystery party
Aileen's disco mystery party

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This looks a groovy, outta-sight evening based upon our Murder at the 70s Disco Party. The 1970s are rocking, man, and Del DiscoLord has been murdered. Aileen says:

"I would like to thank you for an amazing party.  We had a ball. Everyone played their part brilliantly. We will definitely be buying another one."

None of us had ever played a murder mystery before but we bought this game for a family get-together with a cousin I haven't seen since before Covid. It was a lovely excuse to see everyone!

The characters were so funny; it was great to play the parts.  Everyone was nervous before we started but soon got into the groove, lol.  

Groovy 70s costumes

Everyone arrived and had a couple of drinks; we had a small finger buffet and took about 20 mins between the rounds. 

We were all in with the singing and dancing:

Jude does some disco dancing

We went for the accents and everything, lol.  Although I must say some of the accents we were using I am not sure where in the world they were from.  Great fun.  

We all surprised ourselves: great to relax and have great fun with this.  Such a fab idea and all so great; loved the fact that I didn't need to see who did it at all.  I kept that a surprise for everyone at the end.  It let me take part with no idea who it was either!

Bella: we love the groovy flares, sequinned scarf and fab glittery eyeshadow. And the disco ball hanging from the ceiling and the disco lights are hip, man; and the musical notes and characters on the shelves are cool.



Jude: we love the groovy gold trousers, hip yellow boots and the 70s shades and wig. And Jude has some cool dance moves, babe.

Jude does some disco dancing

Poppy: we love the hip mini dress, scarf and disco boots.


Don the Dude: we love the wig and fake moustache. And flowers and stripes are cool, man. Don the Dude is cool, man. Honest!

Don the Dude

Storm: we love the groovy flares mixed with the peace medallion.


Greg Glam: we love the wig, the shades - and the feather boa. Very glam rock.

Greg Glam

Aileen's verdict:

"Can't wait to play the next one.  My sister will be holding that one at the beginning of next year.  Thank you so much for some good old-fashioned fun."

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