Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!
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Kelsi's Swinging Sixties Beach Party

Murder Mystery Birthday Party

Kelsi's Swinging Sixties murder mystery party
Kelsi's Murder in the Swinging Sixties party

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This looks a fun beach party based around our Murder in the Swinging Sixties game. Kelsi says:

"It was my husband's 30th birthday beach weekend, but honestly, the party was more for me as I love planning events.

Having the murder mystery at the beach (Lincoln City, Oregon) gave it another level of character since the environment was different from being in Portland, Oregon, at one of our houses. There were 14 of us and we loved having a huge table to act around."

Acting around the dinner table

I created a list of 60's food and everyone selected one dish or suggested something new! We're vegan, so those who participated had another challenge they mastered. 

1960s Food:

Impossible Swedish meatballs 
Vegan shrimp cocktail 
Jello mould cake 
Macaroni or Macaroni Salad 
Stuffed mushrooms 
Cobb Salad
Braised dill potatoes
Fruit salad 
Vegan pigs in a blanket
Veggie antipasto platter 
Citrus-avocado spinach salad
Asparagus roll-ups 
Pineapple Upside Down Cake

1960s Drinks:

Espresso Martinis 
Old Fashioned 
Vodka Gimlet
Mint Julep

Fun Murder Mystery By the Sea

From left to right: Chastity is holding the dog and Payton is kissing the dog; Sacha has chain and moustache; Skye is in the velvet suit; Drake is in the black wig and tye dye; Raymond Rottingham is in the brown jacket; Brother Starlight is in the brown wig and tye dye; Sister Moonlight is taking the photo; Merlyn is the man in the purple velvet suit and Major Morals is in the top hat.

Outside gathering

Groovy Sixties Babes: Chastity, Miniskirt designer Annie Phoenix and Sister Moonlight

Chastity, Annie Phoenix and Sister Moonlight

Hip 60s Gents: Raymond Rottingham, Brother Starlight, Merlyn Mercier and Major Morals - Peace, man

Raymond Rottingham, Brother Starlight, Merlyn and Major Morals

Groovy - we love the disco lights and balloons:

Groovy party

Drake Wilde - we love the wig and the groovy tie dye:

Drake Wilde

Playing the rounds around the large dining table:

Playing the rounds


"It was a hoot of a time. Thanks for putting so much time into these packages; they're impressive. We liked how each character had different backgrounds and that the details got juicier each round.

Drake sang the song snippets provided and it was hilarious.

Only one person in our group had done a murder mystery; for the rest it was a new experience.

I'll look over your other packages and pick one for next year as the crew is all about it!"

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