Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!
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Ashley's Fab Swinging Sixties Party

Murder Mystery Birthday Weekend

Group photo for Ashley's Swinging Sixties murder msytery game
Ashley's fab Swinging Sixties table decorations

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This looks a really fab, groovy party based upon our Murder in the Swinging Sixties game.

Ashley says: "Thank you for an amazing experience. We were 11 ladies on a birthday / retreat weekend. I love how you provide the optional character feature. As well as provide a couple of ideas on how to break down the game, this helps the host. Easy to organize and play. One of the only games I could find that allow the host to play and still have no clue who the murder was. We had lots of laughs and people had a lot of different thoughts on who the murderer was. Only a couple people were able to guess the murderer!!!!"

Ashley's fab Swinging Sixties party: group phoho

Ashley's Groovy Decorations

For the table, Ashley created a really groovy, unique table runner using hand-painted 60s' "peace vans" combined with a 60s-style notepad for each guest. She also used our record inserts to make the record place settings with each character's name.

Ashley's fab Swinging Sixties table decorations

We love the way the vans have matching groovy peace signs:

Peace signs on van

Hippie flowers, a psychedelic overlay on the notepad, and each record is personalized for the character:

Peace van, personalised record place setting and notepad

Ashley also used some flower wall stickers and used some of the posters and room signs for the game's decoration pack.

Some Really Fab Costumes

Drake Wilde - we love the ice-cream cornet "microphone" and the groovy top:

Drake Wilde

Raymond Rottingham - the perfect spiv. We love the watches for sale, the suit and top hat, with the fake mustache and eyebrows:

Raymond Rottingham

Annie Phoenix - miniskirt designer extraordinaire. Fab, groovy additions to a denim miniskirt with a tie-dye suggestion, groovy flower stickers and a flower hemline. Far out, man! Fab peace earrings and headscarf - and the flowers on the shoes are super-cool.

Annie - miniskrt designer extraordinaire

Peace and Flowers - we love the earrings and flower wreath:

Peace and flowers



Sisters Starlight and Moonlight - two really fab hippie outfits:

Sisters Starlight and Moonlight

Pat Psychello  - complete with toy gun:

Pat Psychello

Payton Morals - with a suitable "decorous"  skirt and scarf:

Payton Morals


"Thank you again for these great games - all my friends loved them so
much we want to do it again ."

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