Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!
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Bonnie's Speakeasy Dinner Party

1920s' Murder Mystery

1920s' Speakeasy dinner party
Speakeasy dinner party

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Bonnie and Ray run a monthly dinner club with friends and feature these innovative themed dinner parties plus all sorts of interesting recipes and food tips on their "Just for the Food of It" social media pages. If you don't already follow them, check out Just For the Food Of It on Facebook and YouTube.

Bonnie says:

"We had so so much fun!  We meet about every month for dinner but this was our all first time doing a murder mystery.  Thanks so much! I want to pick another one to try. The girls have already got all the information on where to find you!

The game package gives you all the tools and ideas to create a super awesome game!"

We had a little trouble decerning who started first but I believe it was operator error. Lol we figured it out and really got into our characters. Whackem Will is the quietest one usually in the group and he had a lot of fun being the gangster!

My friends already want to do a murder mystery now too!

Thanks for your creativity in making these games. We all stepped out of our boxes.

Thank you guys so much for the fun time.


Swell Ladies - we love the costumes.

Swell ladies

Fearsome gangster, bootlegger and Mayor O'Clipper - we love the toy guns.

Gangster, bottlegger, Mayor O'Clipper

And the role reversal:


We love the way Bonnie took our posters (free with the Party Decorations pack) and aged them with paint before sticking them onto foam board:

Moonshine Gap posters

And how she aged the wine labels we supplied (the bottles are weeks worth of saving!):

And also how she created an outline of Buster's body:

Body outline

Bonnie's beautiful home was turned into a 1920s' Speakeasy:

The menu Bonnie created sounds the bee's knees:

1920s' Dinner party menu and plate

The hanging pearls add a swell touch of glamour:

And the Best Actress Award was Well-Deserved

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