Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!
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Caroyln's Speakeasy Murder Mystery Party

At Home Birthday Party

Twenties party - Carolyn
Roaring Twenties - Carolyn

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Having played three other games by Maple Mystery Games virtually during lockdowns, I thought I'd celebrate my birthday wth a face-to-face murder mystery.



Great fun evening playing the 1920s Speakeasy game by the fabulous Maple Murder Mystery games. Hilarious characters & accents.

A fantastic script. As usual with Maple Mystery Games, instructions were easy to follow and the outcome was well crafted into the dialogue. Unlike many such games, the clues are there to spot the murderer (even though I didn’t).

Absolutely spiffing fun. Thoroughly recommended.

The simple yet elegant balloons provided a swell background for the spiffing costumes.

We LOVE the headgear for the Right Honourable Bunny Clifford-Smythe. And would anyone argue with Mrs Mercy Sober?

Swell ladies

The Right Honourable Bunny Clifford-Smythe is the cat's pyjamas, the cat's miaow, the bee's knees:

Flapper - or The Right Honourable Bunny Clifford-Smythe

And Mayor O'Clipper is also spiffing:

Mayor O'Clipper

Swell flappers (Clara and Ruby Ellen) with cigarette holder, pearls and headbands:

Flappers = Clara and Ruby Ellen

Agent Ted and Clara - we love the flat cap and pipe and the 1920s' headband is swell:

Flapper and Agent Ted

Beware Whackem Will that most feared gangster - the white tie and fake moustache is so very 1920s:

Whackem Will, a feared gangster

Agent Ted:

Agent Ted

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