Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Rebecca's Speakeasy Murder Mystery Party

Virtual 50th Birthday

Cast photo for a charity murder mystery fundraising diner show
Roaring 20s Zoom party

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We were 6 couples celebrating a 50th in January lockdown, 2021.

I spent a long time researching websites to find something suitable as there were a lot of boxes to tick - virtual, downloadable for me to sort one weekend (the 50th party was the following weekend) and guests to have some time to read everything (had no idea how "involved" they are!), scripted (we're all WFH while home-schooling primary kids and don't need added hassles), and the host can join in!

So when I found your game ticked all those boxes, I let my friends know the theme, to give them as much warning for costumes as possible. There was lots of excited banter.

I delivered the packs - complete with a bottle of moonshine!


All had a great night! Everyone made a real effort!

Works great as a Zoom social! A lot less effort than many, the host can join in, and there’s a script if you know you’ll drink too much moonshine to remember what anyone has said (that’s us!).

It works well if you give real couples characters who are in couples, as in the script they interact, so there can be some real acting. Like a clip around the ear or a marriage proposal!

Zoom 50th birthday party: Speakeasy style

Bertie and Donnie

We love the swell costumes: Donnie's feather boa and 20s' headdress and Bertie's 20s' shoes, walking cane, cigar, hat and scarf. Just The Berries, darling!

And the gold background and the feather decorations are the bee's knees - as is that all-important moonshine.

Donnie and Bertie

Scars and Ruby Ellen

Ruby Ellen's swell performer's headdress is the cat's pyjamas - so right for The Big Tiger! And the long pearls, feather boa and cigarette holder are swell too. And Scars' toy gun - will Scars shoot straight once the moonshine flows?

Scars and Ruby Ellen

The Right Honourable Bunny Clifford-Smythe and Whackem Will 

The black lipstick, feather headpiece, black gloves and cigarette holder are jolly spiffing, darling. But will Bunny become Whackem's moll?

Bunny and Whackem Will

How dare she refuse?

We love Whackem's toy gun, red carnation (ideal for those hits) and - of course - the cigar.

Whackem Will

Mary May and Jimmy Joe

Swell bootleggers!

mary May and Jimmy Joe


 Agent Ted and Clara

Will this swell "angel from Paris" accept Agent Ted's proposal?

Agent Ted and Clara


And Finally - But by No Means Least - The Golden Globe Award

We absolutely love this Golden Globe Award for the Best Performance in a Murder Mystery!

The award went to Clara for her Scottish-French accent - and for being brave enough to burst into song on Zoom!

Golden Globe Award Best Murder Mystery

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