Parties with a Twist of Murder!
Parties with a Twist of Murder!

Paula's Swinging Sixties Party

Virtual Zoom Mystery

Annie Phoenix
Zoom party

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I wanted to tell you my experience after playing your game. I am from Chile and I bought the virtual version (12-14) to play it with my friends for my 24th Birthday. It was really fun even though English wasn't our first language and it was the first time we played a game like this. 

Everybody was really into character and we laughed so much. 
Thank you very much. I hope you keep on making more of these mysteries, you are geniuses! 

Paula's 60s' Zoom mystery

Before the party: 

I felt that all the documents you sent were really complete and I was sad that I couldn't decorate my house because of the lockdown. That's why I sent my guests the invitation and in the days after I started sending them your posters by chat as clues of what the mystery was about. That was really fun because they had no idea what was all this about and they were really curious and excited (until I finally sent them the pre-party document where they started to understand a bit more). And whenever I talked about the party I sent one of your decorations so they all stayed in the mood. 

In the Party: 

Costumes: There are lots of makeup tutorials in YouTube to get a sixties' look, we used that. "Drake" decorated his guitar with some printed psychedelic designs. Pat played all the time with a stuffed dog and Pat junior had a water gun. 

Music: I searched famous sixties hits to play it in the background, I'm talking about the Beach Boys, The Beatles...

Backgrounds: some of my friends designed their own backgrounds (a picture to put it in the back). A friend made signs of "No to the Turrets Fest", others had mansions, stairs, old discs. But some others put blankets in the back with pictures. 

I shared my screen to show the map, some clues, the audio, the instructions, so we all were in the same place. 


WattsApp image


We love the groovy home-made anti-TurretsFest posters and the record backgrounds:

Homemade backgrounds - anti-TurretsFest and Records


We love the fab psychedelic guitar that "Drake" created and the flower in "Annie's" hair:

Drake and Annie - Paula's party


We also love how, during Lockdown, guests were able to create fab backgrounds using simple scarves:

Chastity Morals Sister Moonlight


And to create hippie costumes just with the addition of flowers:

Sister Starlight


And finally, we are so glad that our 60s' murder mystery gave Paula a birthday party to remember:

Annie Phoenix - Paula's 24th birthday party


Annie would have been proud to design the fab jewellery:

Annie Phoenix - fab jewellery!



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